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About Norik – My Story

Norik has a strong background in sport having successfully competed at national and international level. He can therefore fully appreciate not only what is required to achieve success at the highest level but also the stresses and pressures under which top athletes prepare and perform. He recognizes the decisive competitive edge effective mental preparation can offer in achieving sporting results. His father the current coach of the Polish Olympic Diving Team conveyed its advantages to him. His methods have inspired and reinforced many of the techniques that Norik has successfully incorporated into his own training regime. His approach, centred on motivated one to one tuition, can aid high performance athletes in any discipline. It offers a unique insight into psychological conditioning both during training and in competition. The correct approach to effective mental preparation is essential in realizing your athletic potential. Norik has attended and completed coaching programs with Tony Robbins (Authority on Peak Performance and personal, professional and organizational turnaround), Bob Proctor (Top Personal development coach and proponent of the law of attraction featured in The Secret) and Stevie McGeown (Ireland’s No 1 results coach).

Norik tailors the courses to provide the correct motivational tools to facilitate success and encourage personal and professional growth. His approach help to achieve extraordinary RESULTS. Norik will challenge you to overcome any obstacles in your life and help you to walk through even the most demand tasks by breaking them down to manageable actions.

If you need knowledge on how to improve your business, private life and your performance and want to learn from someone who is beyond powerful knowledge is primarily a practitioner, explore Norik Koczarian on one of his life events or opt for individual work during Coaching or Mentoring.

In 2014 Norik represented Team Northern Ireland at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in Freestyle Wrestling.

About NK – The Brand

We at ‘NK performance’ have created a company, and a brand that bases itself on 4 key foundation pillars: Innovation, Growth, Achieve, and Quality.

‘Innovation’ at NK Performance is something that we are extremely proud of. The ability to take the time to understand our client’s specific situation and turn a negative into a positive though the use of psychological past experiences is what we strive to achieve.

‘Growth’ at NK Performance is a journey on which the client and we will embark on together, overcoming any challenges and obstacles the currentsituation has created. NK Performance guides clients through each demanding task that faces them and breaks them down into manageable actions to initiate growth.

To ‘Achieve” at NK performance is not only about being able to put a smile on each of our client’s faces, but is also a personal goal too. We aim to meet all expectations and work side by side with our clients to achieve outstanding results.

‘Quality’ has been at the heart of NK Performance’s every move from the outset. Our ambition to provide successful and effective motivational tools of the highest level can be recognised as far more than just words. The time to understand where each of our individual client’s are currently positioned can be transformed using tailored life experiences to provide clarity.

Athlete – Sport Career

Norik Koczarian is a Freestyle Wrestler from Belfast RedHog Team. He started wrestling in 1999 when he was 13. For the first couple of years he was competing in a number of novice competitions. From there he wrestled in the Polish Championships, in Slovakia, Ukraine in multiple competitions. The best achievement he took in his first year of Junior (18 years old) was in the Polish Championship coming 5th. In 2006 he moved to Ireland where after 3 years of being absent from the sport he came back to wrestling. After a month of training with National, Commonwealth and Talent Development Coach John O’Rawe, he competed in the Northern Ireland Open where he took bronze. From that point he wrestled in multiple competitions in Ireland, UK and International level.

Top Achievements:

  • 2009 Northern Irish Open- Bronze
  • 2009 Northern Irish Closed – Gold
  • 2009 Irish Open – Gold
  • 2009 British Championship – 4th
  • 2011 Irish Open – silver
  • 2012 Northern Irish Open – Gold
  • 2012 Irish Open – Gold
  • 2012 Malta Open – Gold
  • 2013 Northern Irish Open – Bronze
  • 2013 British Championship – 4th
  • 2013 Welsh Open Bronze
  • 2013 Irish Open Gold
  • 2013 Aspull international- silver
  • 2013 Malta Open – Gold
  • 2014 English Open – Silver
  • 2014 British Open – 4th
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.